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Used tires Export Inquiry assistant

I am "Monty Monstertyres":
The expert in used tyres export

I help with your inquiry

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Monstertyres is the first tire company in the world where:

You make your own price

On the next page you can choose between two options
     a) if you want to have the best price and buy a complete contingent of mixed tyres
     b) if you want to select your tyres and pay some more
You dont know what we deilver? In our prices you can see our qualities and contingents.
You choose option b)?
Then you can select tyres
Select your own tyres. Please be aware that you have to pay at least 80%, even when you select less (only when you will order later on - this is not a definite order).
You choose 2,5-8 mm Tyres to the price of 4,-- &euro / piece;
Then 80% will cost 80% x Total amount x 4,-- €
And 70% as well will cost 80% x Total amount x 4,-- €
Info for wily foxes:
       Whoever sends us an inquiry, will recieve all information on special offers via