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Get All Import Informations for Used Trucks and Cars

Shipment to your country, Loading Certificate, Transport costs and duration, regulations and documents like Customs Import Declaration, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice and others

You will find all import informations you need at Market Access Database Procedures and Formalities und Tariffs.

This database is available in English only. Use Google Chrome Browser Chrome Browser for easy translation in every language you need or use the Google Translator.

To give you an idea of the shipping cost, here are a few examples

The prices depend on the size of your used car or truck. The special feature of the transport of truck is that you pay for a truck for each meter length. For the loading in the truck, you sometimes have to pay extra charges, but not always!

Therefore, it is important that you load in a big used truck as much goods/products as possible like load used tires or used cars.

Here you can convert meters to feet: meter-feet calculator.


Vehicles that are transported on the Ro-Ro ships must conform to certain standards, and above all these vehicles must be able to be driven on and off the ships. Engine, brakes and steering must be in a reasonable condition. There must be enough fuel in the tank because vehicles have to be moved. All vehicles must be delivered with tires in roadworthy condition.

The port authorities do not accept cars with flat tires or with defect brakes. They do not accept cars that cannot be controlled. The hood must be unlocked at all times.

Here are the rules for the transport of used vehicles for the port of Antwerp (only available in english): Provisional regulations for handling second-hand vehicles in the Port of Antwerp.

monstertyres ensures you that all these standards are met.

Purchase and Transport of Used Trucks. What is Important!

If you carry a used truck, it is important that you fill this truck with merchandise that you need. This can be our used tires, used cars or other products that we provide for you and buy in Germany. Even you can pick up your truck by yourself and fill it up with your own products.

The length of the truck is important for the price you will pay! Therefore, it is important that you carry as many parts as possible, whether you load used tires, spare parts, wheels, cars or refrigerators, new or used parts and products.


There are trucking companies that refuse to transport a truck with new or used parts. But thats just a normal transport! Pick a trucking company that transports your truck together with other (purchased) products

Purchase and Transportation of Used Passenger Cars, Vans, Busses, SUVs. What is Important!

Minibuses in Germany often have only nine seats. The reason is that persons with a passenger car driving license in Germany may only carry a maximum of 9 people. You can upgrade these mini buses if necessary. If you want to buy a car with a broken engine or broken transmission or an accident the transport company will charge you more. These vehicles have to be loaded with a forklift. Therefore the transport costs will be higher than for a car or truck in running condition.

We recommend you to buy these cars together with a truck at monstertyres. We put it into the box and will fill other things into it as well if you want.

Transport costs of SUVs are higher than that of normal cars. The transport of vehicles with a high roof is more expensive because the decks for normal cars are up to 2.30 m or 2.40 m high. If the car is higher than 2.30 m then you need to discuss it with your carrier exactly. Cars up to 4 years can be transported on a special deck. This is more expensive but also safer!

All used trucks, cars, vans, mini bus, SUVs, trucks have left-hand drive in Germany!

Load useful things in your vehicle

You can load all useful things in a vehicle, such as used tires, auto spare parts, clothing and other things, whether you buy a van, passenger car, minibus or truck. This is ok as long as you observe certain rules: Very seldom overloaded vehicles are accepted. The front seats must remain free. All goods in the vehicle must be secured. All goods must be declared. You can load goods only, which are not dangerous. No gas tank, liquid batteries, etc. You can load products only which comply with German and European environmental laws. No waste or goods that are classified as waste, such as broken electrical appliances and refrigerators.

monstertyres ensures that all these standards are met when you purchase vehicles and goods from us.

You can Dive to the Port with Your Used Truck, Car or Van by Yourself.

If you want to collect your used truck or car at monstertyres by your own, you can do that. You need a license and a temporary license plate (in German¨Kurzzeitkennzechen) Any foreigner in Germany can buy a temporary license plate at our registration office ( in German KFZ Zulassungsstelle or Verkehrsamt). Or buy it online here.

A registration office you find in every major district town. Go there, show your passport and the car documents (its title: Fahrzeugbrief or Kraftfahrzeugbrief). Close to the registration office you will find an office for car insurance. For registration and plates you will pay approx. Euro 150,-. Since 2012 you can bring a car with such a temporary license plate to any country of the EU. With such a temporary license plate you can bring the vehicle to any European port.

With a temporary plate you can drive in any EU country according German law. See Infomation of City of Cologne.Theoretically you can bring a truck or car with such a temporary license plate to any European port. But not all EU countries allow the use of a German temporary plate. Some countries tolarate the use only. But you have no legal right (see ADAC information).

If you want to exclude all these difficulties, then take a freight forwarding company offering the whole transfer to the port.

In Germany you can not under any circumstances drive a car without a valid license, no insurance and driving without a license. If you do that you´ll be in a hell of troubles!!!