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Gebrauchtreifen Entsorgung und Export

monstertyres is the expert of tire collecting services in Germany

monsteryres is the only service that makes a balance of reusable and scrap tires

Ablauf der Reifenentsorgung beim Kunden

Our tire experts mark all tyres according to the qualities we offer

monstertyres is a tire collecting service for old car tires. We collect all kind of car tires from small garages, gas stations and tire dealers. We make waste tire disposal mainly for car tires, because our main target group on this field of waste management are garages for all kind of cars: 4-wheelers and commercial vans. All tires are well inspected and examined right where we collect them. Because we examine all the tyres instantly where we pick them up, we are able to make a balance of all waste and reusable tyres which include the good used tires and the scrap tires. Our customers have to pay less for reusable tyres and more for scrap tires.

monstertyres sets a good example for the whole industry sector

All tire collecting companies in Germany have one big problem: The prices for tire disposal are low and so is the quality of the collected tyres. The reason for this is that thousands of legal and illegal tire collecting companies are operating in this market of waste tires. Most of the illegal waste tire dealers collect the tyres, store them in a big old factories or similar, and after then they escape to other regions or declare their bankruptcy. Other dealers collect all reusable tires before a professional waste tire company does.
monstertyres is out of this dilemma by paying for good reusable tires. Second hand tires as well as casing tires for retread factories. The prices for excellent part worn tyres reach up to 8,00 € / piece. On the other hand, suppliers have to pay for the scrap. When all the reusable tires are given away, the customer has to pay for the scrap 2,10 € / piece.

All Suppliers of waste tires make their own price

monstertyres traditionally offers its service at an individually fair and equitable price. Our tire collecting service for all kinds of scrap, waste, reusable, retread, second hand and all the other used tires is a very individual service. Everybody has the opportunity to save the part worn tyres, tyres for retreading and all the other reusable tires for us. If he does, he receives a low price for our service. The waste tire supplier has to pay more by supplying a lot of scrap.
We also use our experienced method in waste tire disposal for another large segment of the market: used tire export. Now all customers have the possibility to buy used tires at low prices. Everybody makes his own price