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Gebrauchtreifen Entsorgung und Export

You make the price for used car tires

Our used tire stock is situated in this old factory
Our used tire stock is situated in this old factory
monstertyres is the only used car tire exporter and distributor in the world that developed a price system which generates the best tire price for used tires automatically. We are a tire collecting service for old and used car tires in Germany. We pick up the waste car tires mainly in garages and gas stations with tire services. We export the reusable and well inspected tires to a lot of countries in the world. About 30 % of the collected waste tires go to our warehouse in Bergisch Gladbach and to recycling plants. However, the main part of them is exported as second hand tires and casings to re-sellers in Germany just as worldwide.

The more tire sizes you buy the smaller the price

In order to get the best price for our car tires you must be able to buy the tire sizes we collect in the German market. For this reason you only get our best price if you buy an entire mixture/composition of used tires (a contingent). Our export pricing system in one sentence: "The more tires you buy the cheaper the price for a single part worn tire". We think that it is fair for both sides that buyers pay more for used tires that can be sold very profitably and on the other hand get discount by taking all sizes. All of this is explained in more detail in our price list.
Examination of car tires Interior of our warehouse
Left: Examination of car tires - Right: Interior of our warehouse.

monstertyres sells mixtures of used car tires

An entire mixture or composition of used car tires is what we call a contingent. We only sell to customers that are able to take a lot of the tire sizes which are "popular" in the German tire market. As we are a waste tire collecting service and distributor of used tires, we have to sell the tires we collect in Germany. It is not possible to buy 3 or 4 single tire sizes in our warehouse as well as it is impossible too, to buy a hundred tire sizes which are very seldom in Germany.

We store 8 different qualities of used tires in our warehouse

In our price list you can see the available mixtures of tire sizes that are stored in our warehouse. We sell these qualities only. A new feature helps all costumers to calculate the price for their tire mixture.

Which second hand car tires and casings do you need?

We are a used tire wholesaler in Germany. For a good cooperation it is very important for us to know, which tire sizes are important for you. Our new funny assistant - his name is "Monty" - will help you to send a used tire export inquiry to monstertyres.

Is it possible to see the used tires you offer?

Yes. Please visit us in our warehouse after you have sent us a tire export inquiry AND we both agreed to start a profitable mutual business together. That means: We would like to invite costumers for second hand tires to visit our warehouse in Germany which are able to buy one of the tire mixtures / compositions / contingents we offer. We are very sorry, though, at present it is impossible for us to invite everybody.

Our warehouse is located in Bergisch Gladbach/Germany

The Head Office of monstertyres is located within the western industrial area Cologne (Köln) / Germany in the TechnologiePark . You will find our warehouse at the opposite side of the town in Bergisch Gladbach. A detailed description of the route to our office can be found here. The address of our warehouse is personally sent to costumers we explicitly wish to invite.

The second hand car tires we sell are well inspected

Our experience as exporter of used tires in Germany goes back to 1989. All our second hand car tires are well examined by sight and are in perfect condition. All tires are directly examined according to our high quality standard at our suppliers in Germany. We strictly do not sell or export old and scrap tires. All part worn tires we sell are well inspected. We pick up old tires, arrange and mark all tires accordingly to the qualities we offer and sell only those tires and casings which are good for further use. Our quality standard is described in our price list. All used tires and casings are graded according to the needs of the buyers in the different tire markets worldwide.

We speak German, English and many other languages

As an international exporter, our business language is German and English. We cannot guarantee that all other languages on our website are represented by employees at monstertyres, however, it is very often the case. Sometimes we have to engage a translator for Italian, French, Polish, Russian or Spanish inquiries and therefore our answers then take a little longer.