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Gebrauchtreifen Entsorgung und Export

monstertyres is a scrap tire collection center and world-wide exporter of used tires

monstertyres is a tire collection center, offering services for tire trade, passenger cars garages and gas stations. We organize the collection of all kinds of used tires, scrap tires, driven off tires and reusable tires and export these worldwide.

Our philosophy: Fairness, to live and let live.

Within this building you will find our Head Office.

If our customers supply good tires, the collection of scrap tires becomes cheap for them. The worse the qualities of the waste the more have they to pay for our tire collection service(See submenu recycling -> general). This way none of our suppliers have to pay for the bad tire qualities of other tire suppliers. And vice versa by recycling of high tread used tires the supplier is rewarded with low fees. We account for each customer individually and consider the quality of the supplied scrap tyres and used tires. Thus eventually the customer determines himself how much he pays for the disposal of his scrap tires.

Our head office is situated in the TechnologiePark, Cologne.

The Head Office of our Tire Collection Center is situated in the Technology Park Cologne. It is conveniently placed as regards transport facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Head Office is situated on the left (Western) bank of the River Rhine in Cologne - exactly in the heart of the “Western Economic Center”, as the region Cologne is designated. The motorway circuit Cologne is in about 3 km distance with highways to all main cities and regions in Western Europe. Our “Ruhrgebiet” is the largest industrial centre of Western Europe and is attainable in well half an hour. The economical centres of the neighboring countries Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg lie within a radius of 200 km. The flying time to the Western European metropolises London, Paris, Madrid and Rome amounts to between 1,5 and 2,5 hours. The good binding of our head office to the airports Cologne/Bonn (20 minutes) and/or Duesseldorf (30 minutes) boosts our customer relationships. Beyond that Cologne lies in the crossroad of European railways and has got direct connections to the most of European metropolis. With the Rhine River, Cologne has access to the most efficient water way in Europe with connections to the large transatlantic harbours at the North Sea.

For more than 15 years its founder Mr. Eckehard Wolf belongs to the insiders of this industry branch. Monstertyres stands for know-how, reliability and flexible customer solutions.

Our used tire warehouse is located in Bergisch Gladbach

Panoramaansicht, Lager in Bergisch Gladbach

Our pilot plant and tire warehouse you find in Bergisch Gladbach, a suburb of Cologne at the east side. We store there all our different qualities in used tires which you can see in the menu prices. Normally on daytime our tire warehouse is closed. We open it in the evening because our trucks bring all the waste tires than. You get the address of our warehouse after we have invited you to visit us. To inspect the used tires there, it is very important to make an appointment with our Head Office. This pilot plant is easy to extend for us according to our needs because it is a part of a big old paper factory.

We support entrepeneurs to start their own business

Der Inhaber - Herr Wolf

monstertyres is a registerd trademark.In the future, numerous licence partners will benefit from our experience in trading used tires and disposal of scrap tires and waste tires. Start your own successful way into the independence together with monstertyres! Contact us for more information about our licensing and how you can get it.